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The New BMW 5-series Just Released the Quietest Diesel Engine for its Class and Model - What Does This Mean for the Future of Automotive?

Diesel sedans always filled an interesting spot in the automotive market. On the one hand, these cars’ engines produce loud growls that annoy some. But on the other hand, there’s no denying they offer some of the best fuel efficiency in the market. People looking to save money at the gas pump need to decide if such a loud motor was worth the better mpg. Times have changed quite a bit.

Audi Plans to Insert Solar Panels in Future Electric Vehicles

When it comes to cars, we can always look at the world of electric vehicles for automotive innovation. Think about it: aren’t electric vehicles an innovation in themselves with the use of electricity over gas? In any case, Audi is here to take things a step further for EVs in the form of solar powered roof panels. We already know what you might be wondering: What will these panels actually d

Do New Safety Features in Cars Really Work?

If you’ve been following the latest automotive trends, you likely noticed the rise in new safety features in recent years. Everything from lane departure warnings to blind spot detection warnings promises to create a safer drive. But to what extent do these features actually work? Most consumers want to drive a safe car. So, let’s take a look at the existing research regarding these sa

Automakers Agree to Improve Diesel Vehicle Emissions to Avoid Banning in Select German Cities

It’s often assumed that CARB emissions standards are among the toughest for automotive manufacturers to comply with. In fact, it was argued that the recent VW & Audi emissions scandal was primarily inspired by hard-to-achieve CARB diesel emission and MPG standards. As a direct result of the scandal, various European cities have been contemplating the possibility of restricting, or even b

Porsche, Audi SUV Fuel Pump Recall Issues Might Impact Other Automakers

As if Volkswagen hasn’t had enough problems with major mechanical issues in recent years, news was recently released that faulty fuel pumps produced by German-auto parts manufacturer Continental might extend to additional automotive manufacturers according to US automotive regulators. Earlier this year, a massive 450,000-vehicle recall of United States VW, Porsche and Audi branded SUV’

Does VW’s Global Manufacturing Capabilities Giving Them an Edge over Tesla?

Although the Volkswagen Group continues to lick its wounds from their recent massive recall with TDI vehicles in the United States, the German automotive manufacturer appears to be flexing their muscles. Expected to introduce their first stand-alone battery powered vehicles in 2020, Volkswagen is looking to go toe-to-toe with Tesla in the ultra-competitive EV segment and believes their large-scale

Former-Audi manager faces U.S. charges over VW diesel emissions

Giovanni Pamio, a former Audi AG manager was formally charged with fraud by the United States Federal Government for his alleged role in helping Volkswagen AG bypass US emission standards. The 60-year old Italian citizen and ex-Audi executive is accused of defrauding US regulators and consumers through software designed to cheat emission tests in thousands of Audi vehicles branded as “clean

Toyota Opens Billion-Dollar, State-of-the-Art North American Headquarters in Texas

Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (TMNA) recently celebrated the new opening of its new North American HQ in Plano, Texas with a gala-event that will be attended by company executives, dignitaries, community leaders and partners. The new corporate complex is a state-of-the-art complex that reaffirms Toyota’s longstanding commitment to growing United States sales of Toyota Motor vehicles. &ldq

Apple CEO Cook Admits Company Focused on Autonomous Car Systems

Could the Apple Car be the next “must-have” Christmas gift? If Apple CEO Tim Cook has his way, it very well might. After years of strategically dodging the issue, in a recent interview with Bloomberg Television Cook admitted that the technology giant is actively moving forward with developing technology for self-driving or autonomous car systems. Cook referred to Apple’s interest

Continental Partners With Intel, BMW and Mobileye For Self-Driving Car initiative

Continental is joining the autonomous vehicle revolution. The German automotive component manufacturer and second largest supplier of tires, interior electronics, suspension component and safety systems in the world recently announced a strategic alliance with BMW, Intel and Mobileye to provide integration of components and software for self-driving cars. Integration of hardware, software and data