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Apple CEO Cook Admits Company Focused on Autonomous Car Systems

Could the Apple Car be the next “must-have” Christmas gift? If Apple CEO Tim Cook has his way, it very well might. After years of strategically dodging the issue, in a recent interview with Bloomberg Television Cook admitted that the technology giant is actively moving forward with developing technology for self-driving or autonomous car systems. Cook referred to Apple’s interest

Continental Partners With Intel, BMW and Mobileye For Self-Driving Car initiative

Continental is joining the autonomous vehicle revolution. The German automotive component manufacturer and second largest supplier of tires, interior electronics, suspension component and safety systems in the world recently announced a strategic alliance with BMW, Intel and Mobileye to provide integration of components and software for self-driving cars. Integration of hardware, software and data

Ford’s New CEO Brings Back Company Veterans to Reboot The Classics & Profits

Ford’s new CEO James Hackett is bringing back the band so to speak. In an effort to streamline the decision-making process and increase profits, Hackett recently announced significant wholesale changes to upper management in Ford’s North American and global divisions. Leading these changes is the addition of Shefif Marakby as the company’s new vice president in charge of its auto

Tesla’s In-House Music Streaming Service Appears to Be Coming Soon

Nobody ever accused Elon Musk of being complacent. The man who Forbes Magazine listed as the 21st most powerful man on the planet, launched Tesla Motors in 2003 and appears to be the front-runner to enter commercial space travel with Space X appears to be considering a new in-house music streaming service for Tesla owners. The Palo Alto, California. based automotive manufacturer has not been shy a

Panasonic Considers Future of Solar Rooftops on Cars

The consumer electronics pioneer Panasonic has its eyes set on a developing a unique type of mobile technology in the form of longer-lasting solar powered cars. Recently Panasonic Corp. announced they would be mass-producing 180-watt solar cells that would be installed on the rooftops of hybrid cars. Their initial photovoltaic module is currently being tested on Toyota’s latest Prius plug-in

Telematics Can Improve Driver Safety

Telematics is making life simpler by providing additional functionality to the automotive world. Along with supporting risk assessment, it is also helping to make driving a safer experience. At one point, telematics has been used solely to monitor vehicle performance. Now, discussions are being held to discuss the possible benefits of increasing the presence of telematics in everyday life. For exa

New Ford CEO Transforms How The Company Operates

Ford CEO Mark Fields is set to retire this year at age 56 after 28 years of service with the 114-year-old auto manufacturer. Replacing him will be Jim Hackett, the former CEO of office furniture company Steelcase Inc. Hackett joined the board of the automotive manufacturer in 2013 and has led the company's mobility unit since March of 2016. During a recent press conference, Hackett said that, alth

BMW Designs a Vehicle Without Any Mirrors

Cars need mirrors to provide drivers with the visuals they need to stay on top of potential dangers on the road. Rearview mirrors and side door mirrors are prevalent in almost every type of vehicle, and it can be difficult for drivers to imagine a car that does not use such mirrors. With recent developments in camera technology, however, it is possible that cars without mirrors may become a realit

Are Newer Vehicles Safer Than Older Cars?

Did you know that drivers of vehicles more than five years old are four times more likely to become fatally injured in a vehicle crash? According to ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program), you are much safer driving a vehicle that is within five years of its manufacturing date. In order to reach these results, the organization staged a frontal crash test between a 2015 Corolla and a 1998

Electric Car Sales are Steadily Rising in Europe

With so much electric vehicle technology slowly becoming readily available all over the world, it is not surprising that so many countries are starting to open up to the idea of electric vehicles overtaking gas-powered ones on the roads. Americans, in particular, are embracing the idea of electric cars more and more as the technology continues to improve, but new vehicle data shows that an increas