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Does Your Car Really Need Premium Gas?

No one likes to spend more money on gasoline for their car than they have to. However, most of us want to do what will keep our vehicle running at its best for a long time to come. This can present a dilemma when we go to fill up at the pump. You stand to save as much as 20 to 40 cents on the gallon by using a regular fuel, but at what price to your vehicle's performance? Like most car owners, you

Ford Moves EV Production to Make Room for Autonomous Development

As Ford Motor Company increases its investment in autonomous vehicles, the planned production of an electric crossover is being moved from Michigan to Mexico. Moving the production of the vehicle that is expected to have a 300-mile range out of the country will allow the auto giant to create and produce self-driving vehicles in their home state.Automotive News reported that an internal memo they o

China's Plan to Create a Giant State-Owned Automaker

Over the last few years, the steelmaking, railway equipment, and coal mining industries have been consolidated by the government in Beijing. Decreasing costs, making a profit, and creating new products were all goals of this project.Now, this trend is making its way to the Chinese auto industry. In December of 2017, three state-owned automakers revealed that they will be sharing technology, platfo

Ford Eyes Unprecedented Downturn

According to Wall Street, Ford is in deep trouble. Shares for the automotive manufacturer fell last week to a point lower than when the new CEO took office in May 2017. The earnings outlook for the year are lower than what was expected in 2017. The company has been given a notice that its credit rating will drop to just above junk status if clear progress is not demonstrated soon. Junk status woul

Volvo's Drive Me Project: Selling the Autonomous Car?

In 2012, Volvo announcedits innovative Drive Me project, helping to place autonomous vehicles in the hands of potential consumers. Early on, Volvo proclaimed that the manufacturer would have 100 self-driving cars on the road, however, the updated goal is to have 100 people enrolled in the Drive Me program by the end of 2021.The initial phase of this project will involve consumers testing Level 2 v

Jeep Plans Optional Soft-Top on Scrambler Pickup

After years of planning, the Jeep Scrambler, a Wrangler-based pickup truck will begin production between November of 2018 and April of 2019. Much like its Wrangler predecessors, the Scrambler will come with an optional soft top that can be removed or lowered. This makes the Scrambler a convertible vehicle.After making its debut in November of 2017 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the versatile Jeep S

Larger Dealerships Driving Smaller Companies out of Business

Business brokers advertising dealerships for sale on LinkedIn are also advertising on other online listing platforms. These dealerships happen to be small ones that have been in business for up three generations. However, in today’s retail automotive environment, it is no longer worth it to operate a successful dealership without significant backing.Some of the big-name dealerships that are

Chinese Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Interested in Cars

Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone maker has been dropping hints that it might begin to dabble in building electric vehicles. They are just one tech company following down this path as many people view cars as the next generation of smart devices. More than 200 companies in China have announced plans to build electric cars in the country.In December, Xiaomi revealed in a regulatory filing in India that

Keeping Your Vehicle's Safety Sensors Clean During the Winter

Living in a region that experiences the elements of winter weather means snow, ice, and even sometimes salt grime for your vehicle. Unfortunately, this can also lead to blocked sensors and cause them to no longer work.When drivers are aware of where the sensors are on their vehicle and how to keep them clean, they can keep them functioning as they should. Referencing the owner’s manual or as

Singapore Launches Electric Car Sharing Program

In December, Singapore launched the city’s first large-scale electric car sharing program. Officials hope that this innovative program will give commuters additional options for getting around and decrease the need and desire for residents to purchase their own vehicles. The car-sharing program will be run by BlueSG for the next decade. BlueSG is part of the Bollore Group out of France.The v