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More Americans are Warming up to Electric Vehicles

Though Americans are still not ready to purchase electric vehicles for the most part, studies found that more and more are beginning to warm up to the idea. According to a new study published by the A

Los Angeles Plans Sweeping New Goals for Electric Vehicles

Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles has recently unveiled his sweeping plan to establish a more sustainable and ecological Los Angeles. In his plan, he called for dramatic changes to be made to the cit

Lexus Announces Plans to Launch Sales in Mexico

Since its beginning of selling cars in Mexico nearly 20 years ago, Toyota Motor Corp. has been bombarded with a constant question from dealers and fans alike: When will Lexus launch in South America?L

Volkswagen Electric Batteries Will Last as Long as Their Vehicles

Volkswagen has been constantly raising the bar for their vehicles for many years. At their Center of Excellence for Battery Cells, the brand's Chief Executive Officer, Frank Blome, has said that the c

Better Protection for Rear-Seat Passengers

After reviewing 117 car accidents in the United States, the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released a report stating that it intended to subject car manufacturers to a new crash test, one that wi