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Samsung Using Startup Tech from Silicon Valley in Their Self-Driving Cars

With the help of the global leader in smartphone manufacturing, a small startup company in Silicon Valley is getting a boost. Samsung is collaborating with the startup company Renovo Auto. Renovo has created a type of operating system that combines and manages the necessary software for shared self-driving cars that are within the same commercial fleet. Together these two companies will test, deve

Norway's Electric Vehicle Demand Higher than Supply

Electric cars have been making the headlines in recent months. Not only have new developments driven technological advancements forward, but the proven efficiency of these vehicles have driven up demand. In some places, tremendously so. Norway, in particular, has been met with a tremendous demand for electric vehicles, more than they can supply, at the current rate. With the demand primarily drive

Ford Believes Hybrids Are Best for Autonomous Cars

Electric vehicles, as well as autonomous vehicles, are gaining interest from many consumers and commercial companies. Many companies are choosing to combine these technologies. Lyft, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz have paired their self-driving car trials with electric vehicles. However, Ford Motor Company reported in December of 2017 that they intend to keep experimenting with fossil fuels in the auto

Jaguar I-Pace Wins Against the Tesla Model X in Drag Race

The electric vehicle industry has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Not only have cheaper and more efficient hardware options made the market more accessible for all types of competitors, but the new flow of ideas has relatedto a greater degree of innovation. With manufacturers competing against one another, individuals can look forward to more functionality in the versatil

Dyson Creates New Jobs With Electric Vehicle Plans

As hardware and technology for electric vehicles becomes more and more accessible, the market begins to see more advanced stages of expansion. Not only are more auto manufacturers beginning to join the race to create a new line of electric vehicles, but the technological improvements have also allowed other brands to get started on their own developmental plans when it comes to the electric car ma

Porsche Reveals Details Regarding New Electric Vehicle

With new electric vehicle developments available every week, fans of the budding market will be excited to learn that more and more auto manufacturing giants are beginning to join the developmental trend. It has already been quite some time since the Tesla brand proved that electric cars do not need to be a particularly difficult or ambitious project. Top brands have already announced their releas

Tesla Revives Roadster

Introduced in 2008, the Tesla Roadster was the first serial production all-electric vehicle that was highway legal. It also became the first production car to enter space when it was carried by a Falcon Heavy rocket in a test flight on February 6, 2018.Just when you thought the Tesla Roadster couldn’t get any better, Elon Musk announced in November of 2017 that the well-known auto manufactur

Manufacturers Sprint to Create Cheaper Electric Vehicles in Growing Markets

With so much attention fixed firmly on North American and European markets when it comes to electric vehicles, it is not surprising to see other countries beginning to pick up the pace in regards to their own green vehicle options. Recent reports show that many of the world’s automakers are beginning to focus their efforts on creating more affordable electric vehicles for drivers in emerging

Ford Moves EV Production to Make Room for Autonomous Development

As Ford Motor Company increases its investment in autonomous vehicles, the planned production of an electric crossover is being moved from Michigan to Mexico. Moving the production of the vehicle that is expected to have a 300-mile range out of the country will allow the auto giant to create and produce self-driving vehicles in their home state.Automotive News reported that an internal memo they o

Volvo's Drive Me Project: Selling the Autonomous Car?

In 2012, Volvo announcedits innovative Drive Me project, helping to place autonomous vehicles in the hands of potential consumers. Early on, Volvo proclaimed that the manufacturer would have 100 self-driving cars on the road, however, the updated goal is to have 100 people enrolled in the Drive Me program by the end of 2021.The initial phase of this project will involve consumers testing Level 2 v