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Cadillac is Returning to Business as Usual

Cadillac (in anthropomorphic form) experienced consecutive heart attacks in 1985 and 1986. The company may not have publicized it, but the release of the BMW M5 and the Mercedes AMG ‘Hammer’ (respective to the previously mentioned years) rattled the core of the company named after the discoverer of Detroit. In the years before their release, Cadillac’s revered badge graced the hood of most luxury

Blitz-luxe: Rise of Germanic Luxury

In the 1980s automakers were aiming for volume after the formula for a marvelous mass produced autos was leaked. Unfortunately, the Corolla made it look too easy, while making millions (of cars or monies, which ever is more impressive) in the process. This led to quite a few emulators in the early 1980s. Even Luxury manufactures were trying to following suit. Start by making two clay cubes. Cut

Deviating From Form: Cadillac CTS

For the last decade or so, Cadillac has been aspiring to be something that it is not. Instead of making every rider feel as though luxury begins and ends within the confines of that cabin; they have instead successfully made a daily driver sports sedan. To their credit, it seemed like a prudent move, and they made one of the best in its class: The Cadillac CTS-V. Mercedes-Benz came way out of le