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Honda Works with Independent Shops to Strengthen Recalls

The American Honda Motor Company has recently begun working with new experts in the field in order to provide owners with a speedy recall if they own faulty Takata airbag modules. The major automotive giant began working with independent repair shops in order to provide customers with vital peace of mind. The CCC is one of the biggest software providers to work with collision repair shops, and the

Takata Corporation Apology: At Least it's Something

By now everyone should know about Takata Corporation’s massive recall. It is the largest automotive recall in American history. 34 million vehicles, or, for increased perspective; more than 1 car for every ten people in the United States. Up until recently, the company was acting like it was just an inevitable eventuality of business; if your business expands enough, someone will eventually be imp

Takata Corporation: No Trial?

The Takata Corporation is finally being held accountable. Over a hundred injuries and at least 8 deaths spanning the course of 11 years, are all linked to their airbags. 4 years passed before a recall was even considered. But now, after years of recalls with no remedy, Takata Corporation just now testified under oath (not a trial) in front of the a Senate Committee in Washington D.C. Normally, I