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Audi Prepares for a Hard Brexit

If the United Kingdom, Audi’s second largest European market, leaves the EU without a trade deal, the automaker will be prepared for the worst. Alexander Seitz, Chief Financial Officer for Audi, made a statement that the “automaker [is] minimizing risks relat[ed] to … foreign exchange exposure, supply chain and logistics.” Britain is set to leave the EU on March 29 without

China's Plan to Create a Giant State-Owned Automaker

Over the last few years, the steelmaking, railway equipment, and coal mining industries have been consolidated by the government in Beijing. Decreasing costs, making a profit, and creating new products were all goals of this project.Now, this trend is making its way to the Chinese auto industry. In December of 2017, three state-owned automakers revealed that they will be sharing technology, platfo