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2017 Mercedes E-Class Powertrains

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the 10th generation E-Class sedan at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. I think it is most visually savory standard car (by that I mean excluding anything with Gullwing and/or an AMG badge (and especially concept cars)) that Daimler AG has ever produced. However, beyond the aesthetic allure, the Mercedes E-Class is spectacular. As a rule of thumb, the bi

Daimler AG: Beauty Prevails in the Mercedes E-Class

Typically, I tend to sway towards Audi when it comes to the big three German automakers, but Mercedes has gained much ground. Daimler AG unveiled the new E-Class at the North American International Auto Show, and now I am a believer. In my opinion, they have attained the level of affection equivalent to that of a pet. Instead of being able to pet a pet in exchange for making sure it does not die,