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Lexus Is a Designer Brand

If one randomly asked a stranger: what does Lexus do? They would of course respond make cars. However, the luxury automaker does not see it that way, and after their debuting the SLIDE hoverboard, (which was not the first bit of proof on the subject) others might not either. The Lexus brand is a collection of designers that abide by the L-Finesse philosophy. Their philosophy is to be leading the e

Lexus Hoverboard Is Important

Most people know Lexus as a Toyota’s luxury branch. They make luxury cars comparable to those made by prominent names in Luxury like Mercedes, and outsell them. Granted Toyota makes cheaper cars than most of their competitors in any market, that is how they have been the number one seller for so long (though their thronewas taken by Volkswagen this year). Now Lexus has taken an important ste

Hoverboards: Lexus Was Not Joking

It has been well documented that Lexus has been working on a Hoverboard. The internet had a field day as soon as the video teasers started being released in June. The company asserted that they would be officially releasing the prototype in all its Glory August 5th. While it still the 4th here in the US, Lexus proved that it was not all a joke; unlike a similar story that involved celebrities and