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Lincoln Gets Rid of MK Naming

After years of customer complaints and confusion, Lincoln is showing that they are listening to their customers. The brand is going to ditch their “MK” naming scheme and give their models entirely new and creative names. The first name to go is the MKX. The MKX will now be known as the Nautilus starting with the 2019 model that will be available for purchase in spring of next year. R

The Lincoln Navigator Concept, Accidentally a Pioneer

I have had this theory for a while now, but I have never written about until just this second. For the purpose of this article, I will only introduce my theory and explain in another article. Executive summary: I think that people will eventually be living in their cars en masse. The 2016 Lincoln Navigator concept may accidentally be the first conceptual 2nd generation mobile home. To be frank, I

Lincoln Shows its #MoreHuman Side with New Ad Campaign

To some, auto engineering may seem cold and impersonal, but the Lincoln Motor Company wants the public to see it a different way. With its new #MoreHuman campaign, however, Lincoln wants to convey to customers that its vehicles can connect with drivers and passengers in real and meaningful ways. The #MoreHuman campaign was created by Hudson Rouge, a global creative agency that specializes in luxu