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Uber Inappropes

Since its inception, Uber has taken ride sourcing by proverbial storm. It is a commanding force on the Forbes Unicorn list, reaching an over $50 billion dollar evaluation seemingly overnight. The ride sourcing behemoth’s market rivals could not compete with that number if they compounded their value. Lyft is worth a respectable $2 Billion, and Sidecar cannot even manage that (unfortunately, they a

Uber and Taxi: Escalation

A few short years ago, in the days before Uber, Taxis were the only source of private public transportation. All the other options were that of mass transportation, i.e. planes, trains, and automo-... buses. Taxis, actually fell under luxury transportation, like limos and rickshaws. Uber has introduced a whole new medium of transport, one in which both the rider and the rider feel an escalation in

Taxi Versus Uber

Uber took hold of the transportation business, and has shaken it to its roots. More than any of its competitors, it has demonstrated a viable alternative to not owning a car while still keeping the same mobility. Any company that has anything to do with intra-city transportation, now has to consider the option from left field, ride-sharing. None more so than taxis, because of this there has been