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A Partnership Between Ford and Volkswagen?

Classic carmakers are finding themselves in a bit of a crossroads from technological advancements. People are also changing the way that they drive. To stay in the game, some automakers are joining forces. For instance, Ford and Volkswagen, two of the largest automakers in the world, made a recent announcement that they were considering a partnership, one that would have them making vehicles toget

Volkswagen Makes History at Pikes Peak Climb

The new Volkswagen ID R, one of the most iconic and futuristic-looking electric vehicles of recent times, made history at the 2018 Pikes Peak International Climb. The vehicle was piloted by French racer Romain Dumas, who used the electric vehicle to cover the famous 12.4-mile course in just under eight minutes. This not only decimated the previous record, which was just under nine minutes, but als

Volkswagen to Install 2,800 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the US

In December of 2017, the unit Electrify America of Volkswagen AG announced that it was planning to place 2,800 electric vehicle charging stations in 17 of the biggest cities in America no later than June of 2019. The selected cities include Fresno, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Raleigh

Top Automotive News Stories for January 2018

Top automotive news stories in one place make it easier for the auto enthusiast and those who like to stay on top of world happenings to get their information at one stop. A couple of the top stories are listed below. Despite Emissions Test Scandal, VW Has Set a New Sales Record Despite cheating on emissions tests for millions of cars across the globe, Volkswagen hit a record number of sales in 2

Ron Stach Resigns from Volkswagen

A senior U.S. sales manager has resigned from Volkswagen’s North America operations. The sales manager left the company soon after the automaker’s deliveries in the second-biggest auto market took a steep drop. Ron Stach, Volkswagen’s senior vice president of sales, stepped down on January 4. Stach had been with the company’s North America division since 2006. In the past,

Volkswagen Reduces the Price on the Tiguan

Car buyers in the market for a mid-size SUV received some good news from Volkswagen a few days ago. The car company announced that it's lowering the price on the Tiguan by as much as $2,180 for some levels. It’s an attempt “to conquest customers in the compact SUV segment,” Volkswagen stated in an email. The carmaker introduced the Tiguan last summer, but reports show that sales

Volkswagen Investing $40 Billion in Electric Cars

Last month, German automaker Volkswagen approved a $40 billion spending plan that will go towards accelerating their efforts in developing electric cars, and becoming a global leader in the electric market. Chief Executive of Volkswagen, Matthias Mueller, stated in a press conference that the automaker wants to take the top spot in electric mobility by 2025. Volkswagen has plans to release electri

Electric Car Sales are Steadily Rising in Europe

With so much electric vehicle technology slowly becoming readily available all over the world, it is not surprising that so many countries are starting to open up to the idea of electric vehicles overtaking gas-powered ones on the roads. Americans, in particular, are embracing the idea of electric cars more and more as the technology continues to improve, but new vehicle data shows that an increas

Volkswagen Group Expected to Sell Assets and Halt Expansion

Stemming from the emissions cheating scandal, the Volkswagen Group is expected to sell off some of their assets after a careful review of their portfolio. It has been reported that CEO Matthias Mueller is going over the current strategies of the company and considering stepping away from growth, a move into car-sharing ventures, as well as a greater focus on the development of electric vehicles.

Volkswagen: Dubious Diesel Damage

Despite diesel related damages to the brand, Volkswagen as an auto group is doing remarkably well. In fact, not only has the automaker returned profitability, in April (of 2016 (mid-scandal)) Volkswagen sold more cars than any other automaker. Emissions have not taken a more notable a toll in sales, because that they are physically invisible. Diesel lost consumer confidence in the late 70s and ea