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FCA Boss Sergio Marchionne Pushes for GM Merger

To say that Sergio Marchionne (pictured) really wants to finalize a merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and General Motors might be an understatement. The FCA CEO has practically dared GM, along with other automakers, to join forces with him. However, his mission to create the ultimate union between automakers has gone unfulfilled, at least thus far. Now it appears that Marchionne will likel

Tesla Model X: Finally on Track

This is the moment wealthy soccer moms have been waiting for; at last, Tesla Motors has started taking customization orders for the Tesla Model X. For a while, it had gotten to point where the electric auto company’s prestige for its technical prowess, had been surpassed by its notoriety for delays. I cannot think of any delivery Elon Musk has made on its original projected date... post PayPal.

Uber and Taxi: Escalation

A few short years ago, in the days before Uber, Taxis were the only source of private public transportation. All the other options were that of mass transportation, i.e. planes, trains, and automo-... buses. Taxis, actually fell under luxury transportation, like limos and rickshaws. Uber has introduced a whole new medium of transport, one in which both the rider and the rider feel an escalation in

The Barracuda is Back and Badder Than Ever

In the underwater kingdom, a barracuda is a long, large fish noted for its intimidating appearance. But in the automotive world, the Barracuda is a name that inspires hushed tones, mainly because it’s been so long since one has been seen in its natural environment on U.S. roads and highways. Some may even shoot you a quizzical look and ask, “Barracuda? Do they still even make those?” If Dodge has

Suzuki Motor Company Before Break With Volkswagen

Suzuki Motor Company has never been a prominent player in the global automotive market. That is not to say they are not a contender, it is just that their full sized vehicles were never their wheelhouse. Motorcycles and marine engines have been their strongest assets. Volkswagen AG, on the other hand, has attained plenty of prestige (if not preeminence after achieving the number one spot) in the

Taxi Versus Uber

Uber took hold of the transportation business, and has shaken it to its roots. More than any of its competitors, it has demonstrated a viable alternative to not owning a car while still keeping the same mobility. Any company that has anything to do with intra-city transportation, now has to consider the option from left field, ride-sharing. None more so than taxis, because of this there has been

Hyundai Is Still Deciding on the Santa Cruz

The week of Concours d’Elegance Hyundai premiered a new concept, the Vision G. The Vision G seems to be a true concept, as opposed to the preview of a future model. Though, that is not to say that the Vision G is a total one off piece of art, despite the more or less blatant implication that it might be. The Vision G was unveiled at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, but still, some feat

Tesla Model S P85D Keeps It (Better Than) 100

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has plenty to be pleased about this week. Yesterday it was revealed that Tesla beat its own record for range with a remarkable 452.8 miles on a single electric charge. Apparently, however, the upstart EV automaker wasn’t satisfied with beating just one world record—they had to go and do it again by scoring 103 points out of a possible 100 in the Consumer Reports Ratings

Tesla Motors Beat its Own Record

I frequently start articles this way, but it is hard not to when talking about Tesla Motors, they are just always in the news for something or other. Usually it is stock speculation; is it still a sound investment, or oh look at that, the company did something else praise (or at least buzz worthy). This falls under the latter category. Tesla Motors has set (or beat) 3 world records this year; all

Might the Ford Ranger Return to the U.S.? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: In addition to the Ford Ranger, it turns out that another long-lost Ford model, the Ford Bronco, may also be reappearing in U.S. dealerships. As with the Ranger, the Bronco would go into production in 2018 at the Michigan Assembly Plant. For three decades, the Ford Bronco was one of the more popular SUVs on the market before some unpleasantness involving an ex-football player made the