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Mirai Tops Tesla in Electric Vehicle Range Wars

In the midst of Fourth of July celebrations, most may have missed the (metaphorical) fireworks Toyota launched at this year’s Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, CO. It was there that Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz announced a startling breakthrough in electric vehicle technology. The Toyota Mirai set a zero emission electric vehicle record with an EPA-estimated driving range of 312 miles on a sin

Chevrolet Bolt: Gunning for Tesla

The Chevrolet Bolt is easy to confuse with the Volt. Both are made by the same company and  both are small electric cars are eligible for the $7500 tax credit. However, the Volt is a plug in hybrid, that claims to be a full electric with a battery extender (an internal combustion (IC) engine). The other is a true full electric. As such, the Bolt is wasting no time before gunning for the Tesla Mode

Concerns for Tesla Motors' Future

After the launch of the Model S, Elon Musk has taken his time before releasing the second model for a new post roadster Tesla. As soon as it was announced, some people started speculating; saying that he was going to cannibalize his own business. They claimed, a new model will only deter potential buyers of the S over to the III/X side, and the minimum of millions that has to be spent researching

Remember the Name: Ferrari Dino

If asked what I think is the greatest automaker of all time, the answer is simple, Ferrari. Sadly though, I have not been as keen on them as of late. If asked simply, who makes the best car currently, I would need a qualifier, otherwise my answer would vary between a few options. I am more likely to been seen in my car than to be racing it. Because of that, I do not think the Italian stallion mak

Consumer Reports Names Gas Guzzling Vehicles

Audi, BMW and Subaru top Consumer Reports' list of automakers whose vehicle engines often require excessive amounts of oil. On average, gas-guzzling vehicles from these three automakers consume an extra quart of oil per month as compared to other vehicles. The Consumer Reports study focused on nearly 500,000 new vehicles from model years 2010 to 2014. The grand majority of these vehicles-98% perc

Jaguar Cars Are Keeping it Real

Apparently, the future founder of the most iconic name in British automotive History; Jaguar; William Lyons and his neighbor William Walmsley were the first to make stylish side cars. In 1922, the coach maker formerly known as Swallows was established. The company was so successful making sidecars, that they expanded their business to include coach building for automobiles in 1926. In 1927 Swallow

Peek at the 2018 BMW M5

For as long as I can remember, the BMW M5 has been the gold standard for sports sedans. They mix together a family friendly car with family frightening engineering. Needless to say, if you own one I would not suggest infusing the car with M-Power with a wife (or husband if she is the family driver) or kids in the car. It seems a few lucky souls at Nürburgring got a chance to peek at the upcom

Hyundai Motor Company: Making Moves All Over

General Motors just received some unwelcome news, because Hyundai Motor Company just became the official sponsor of the NFL.  A vague source claims the car manufacturer spent twice as much as GM did for the coveted position, $50 million. Even if it is less, the, NFL is getting a great deal here, regardless. Not only could they get more money upfront, but the contract is not exclusive like GM’s wa

Ford Motor Company: Innovating and Renovating

Ford Motor Company has been sporadically trending on Google for a few days now. It seems every other time I check back on the Business or Technology tabs on Google News it is there. Every time I delve in there is a surprise, because the news is equally sporadic from positive to potentially negative. Ford Motor Company is renovating one side of their fence while innovating on the other side. The f

Alfa Romeo to Reinvigorate FCA

It is no secret that Sergio Marchionne is using Alfa Romeo to court bigger automakers for a chance at a merger. I even get where he is coming from, if established companies join forces, each of them benefit from the other’s expertise. However, in this case I highly doubt it is Mary T. Barra’s personality Marchionne is going for… I know a gold digger when I see one. It is common knowledge that FCA