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Takata Corporation: No Trial?

The Takata Corporation is finally being held accountable. Over a hundred injuries and at least 8 deaths spanning the course of 11 years, are all linked to their airbags. 4 years passed before a recall was even considered. But now, after years of recalls with no remedy, Takata Corporation just now testified under oath (not a trial) in front of the a Senate Committee in Washington D.C. Normally, I a

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: Back From the Brink

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is fighting to get another partner. General Motors is running out of ways to say no, and everyone else has stayed firm with their initial no. Maybe Sergio Marchionne should accept defeat in that battle, and keep chipping the rust off of his company. Maserati came back from obscurity clocking a ludicrous 174 percent increase in yearly sales while Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Remote-Controlled Land Rovers? There’s an App for That

We live in a brave new world of autonomous automobiles equipped with remote parking and self-driving capabilities. So it only seems natural that an automaker would manufacture a remote-controlled Land Rover that can be operated via an iPhone app. The UK-based automaker Jaguar Land Rover is testing its smartphone app that allows drivers to autonomously control their SUV without actually being insi

Future Fuel: CNG

For years now, CNG (compressed natural gas) has been used to fuel millions cars. As of 2012 over 15 million were used globally. That number is not astronomical, but still impressive. There is one natural gas vehicle for every 450 people on the planet. That is impressive when considering the daunting competition: gasoline. Nonetheless, of the billion cars roaming the roads, 1 in every 66 is using o

Want a 4C Spider? It Won’t Come Cheap

How much would you expect to pay for a 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider? We’ll give you a minute to come up a price—no peeking ahead to the next paragraph! Now that you have a figure in mind, let’s see if it matches up to the actual retail price… For those wanting to own a 4C Spider when the Italian import lands in North American Fiat Chrysler dealerships this August, pricing starts (yes, starts) at $63

A Tale of Two Batmobiles

Most kids grow up wanting to be Batman—after all, what’s cooler than fighting crime in a sweet ride like the Batmobile? The look of the Batmobile is typically among the most anticipated aspects of any Batman film, which explains the considerable excitement surrounding the reveal of the new Batmobile that will appear in next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film. The new

Future Fuel: Electric Cars

With fuel wars looming, the future of the personal car is murky. The dominant propellant; gasoline; is under heavy scrutiny from countless directions. The supply is dwindling, excavating and using it is not environmentally friendly, nor is cheap. However, it will be quite a few long years before it is overtaken by any of the minority sources. Every alternative claims to be a panacea, but each has

Avoiding Death in a Mazda6

After teaching my friend to drive standard yesterday, I tested out his car. Jonathan drives a 2014 Mazda6. Currently it is ranked as the best family sedan in its market. In fact, I have actually been trying to get my hands on the 2016, because it is the first year that the 6 is available with a standard transmission. However, the trip I had in the 2014 Mazda6 had a more of a focus on avoiding deat

BMW Dynamic Parking Predicts Your Next Parking Spot

If you live in a major metropolitan city like Houston, finding public parking is a difficult, if not seemingly impossible, endeavor. BMW may soon be able to provide a solution for beleaguered drivers in the form of an experimental program that utilizes movement data to predict the availability of public parking. The program is called Dynamic Parking Prediction and, according to BMW, is designed t

How to Drive Standard

Many people are afraid of driving standard. But it really is not that hard. I have taught at least half a dozen people. The trick is to make comfort standard, when teaching someone how to drive manual for the first time. The underlying problem is, everyone at some point has heard a horror story or two about it. I actually had the exact learning to drive cliché happened to me when I first le