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Android Auto: Patenting the Future

A user friendly in-car infotainment system has been a long time coming. Android, Microsoft and Apple have made it easy, but all of the initial attempts by car makers have been thoroughly underwhelming; awkward interfaces and touchy touch screens add up to a big distraction in a 2 ton death machine. Infotainment systems are easily the most consistently flawed aspect of the modern automobile. But th

SideCar: Cannabis Sharing

Transportation is such an important facet of human existence, and companies like SideCar, Uber, and Lyft are trying to make it easier. Everyone needs to go places now that subsistence farming has become unfeasible. However, travel is not getting any easier, it is still a tedious process. Even if you are fortunate enough to have the resources to own your own car; a traffic jam can crack a Buddhist'

Uber Joins Autonomous Auto Race

Uber is the biggest of the main ride sharing companies. Ever since it officially changed its business model from a being a black car taxi service to a ridesharing company, it has jumped from headline to headline. It is not only flattering stories either. They have had huge crimes and controversies surrounding the company, but none of the bad press can stop Travis Kalanick’s gravy train. If his lat

Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles Go on the Road

Nearly five years after it was first announced, The Googleself-driving car project is finally a go. The company is ready to road test their line of prototype vehicles starting this summer. Google’s fleet of robot cars are set to hit the roads near the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA. As a precaution, safety drivers will be aboard the vehicles, whose speeds will be capped at

Secret Project: Apple Inc.

Apple lives in the headlines, but recently they made the papers in totally new way. They were accused of poaching workers and violating non-compete clauses in February. The court case has been dragging on, until recently. On May 13, 2015 the Cupertino based company finally agreed to settle. It is interesting that the case went this long, as they were clearly in the wrong on this one. They blatantl

Could This Be the Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership Between Mazda and Toyota?

Mazda and Toyota announced the formation of a “mutually beneficial long-term partnership” designed to increase collaboration and spread costs between the two Japanese automakers. Among the outcomes of the partnership will be the formation of a joint committee that will determine “how best to utilize each company’s respective strengths.” According to Automotive News, the two companies are already

A GPS System for the Honda Accord? That’s So 80s

We tend to think that today’s cars as more technologically advanced than those from previous generations. But as our friends from Jalopnik remind us, some models were simply ahead of their time. For instance, did you know that Honda was the first automaker to develop GPS technology way back in the early 1980s? Back then, they referred to it as the Electro Gyrocator and was exclusive to Honda Acco

Tesla Announces Tentative Release Date for Model 3

Tesla CEO/super-genius Elon Musk is obviously obsessed with sex. We’ll explain what we mean in just a minute—first, here’s the latest on the Tesla Model 3. March 2016 is the slated date for the reveal of the Model 3 prototype, a fact that Tesla recently confirmed on Twitter. A fully realized version of the vehicle will be released sometime in 2017. Musk revealed the launch date for the eagerly a

Embrace the Dark with the Chevrolet Impala Midnight Edition

If you’re a fan of shows like Netflix’s Daredevil, you know that sometimes the heroes dress in black. Similarly, the Chevrolet Impala Midnight Edition will allow you to patrol the streets and look cool doing it. Today, Chevrolet revealed its blacked-out trim package for the Chevrolet Impala, which is strongly based on the concept vehicle that debuted at the 2014 SEMA Show. The Impala Midnight Edi

Google Maps Updates Itself for the Benefit of Android Users

How did people ever get around without Google Maps? Even though it hasn’t been around for long, it’s hard for most motorists to imagine doing without it. And while Google Maps seems perfect as it is, Google apparently feels that there’s room for improvement. As reported by Android Police, Google is updating its über-popular Google Maps app for Android smartphones. The latest version, Google Maps